Cycling Vest


Aero Cut
Lightweight & Compact (easy portage)
Helps regulate and maintain core temperature
Wind Stopping chest protection & breathability
Full length quality YKK zip
Reflective black side tabs
22 – Awesome The Big Ring matching kit graphic options


As a cyclist we battle the elements a little more than most athletes we are at their mercy more often with less protection, it’s always a fine line between being to hot and cold as the rider and the factors that alter your comfort on the bike can change a lot over the distance/time of the ride.

Your chest gets most of wind pressure and on a cold day you really feel it, to exacerbate matters your chest/lungs are also pulling in large amounts of cold air as well. If your core body temp is kept warmer the legs will do pretty go job looking after themselves, you will be surprised how much easier you can endure cooler conditions with such a small additional piece of extra clothing, that is also so easy to put in the jersey back-pocket if the conditions warm up.

Vest/Gilet’s are such a valuable piece of cycling kit for the cyclist, often early morning conditions or winter riding the Gilet is beneficial for temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius/59 Fahrenheit keep in mind the wind chill factor will often make you feel colder than the ambient temperature. The Big Ring Kit-One Lightweight Vest/Gilet is perfect for these conditions, and as the conditions get colder team it up with warmer base layers, arm warmers and even under shell jackets it can be quite beneficial in regulating your core temperature.

This Gilet is made for going fast with a nice Aero cut, going fast generates a lot of heat even in wintry conditions, protecting the chest makes a significant difference to reducing your wind chill factor, if your core body temp is kept warmer the rest of your body will benefit. But you still need to regulate your body heat and manage the sweat generated – the full mesh back panel integrated into Gilet allows a substantial amount of heat and moisture to escape helping keep you in the comfort sweet spot.

Convenience – It’s so easy to pull out of the pocket in changeable conditions if it is just that little bit too cold, once fitted it has the full-length zip with locking-cam to adjust how much Air you let through, once the zip is fully unhooked it like in not there anyway or just put back in the jersey pocket if you’re getting too hot.

The Big Ring Kit One Gilet utilizes a material on the chest that blocks the wind virtually 100% but still is reasonably breathability as well, the back of the vest is made from an open mesh to allow awesome breathability.

Reflective Black – Side Tabs – LED lights are crazy bright these days, but every little bit helps especially if lighting equipment fails, the Reflective black tabs are barely noticeable but shine a light at night they seriously light up, this is solid manufactured material not a cheap reflective ink that will deteriorate and fall off. A nice little add-on that will make your ride safer every time.

Quality YKK Zip –YKK Zips are the number one maker of zips in the world, we could spec zip that looks the same at half the price but it would be half the quality. We specified a full hidden Zip design as it gives a seamless full graphic with aero finish to the font of the Gilet, the zip goes the full length of the Gilet for easy fitment and extra cooling if required. Again, we feature a Zip with a locking cam feature, in the pulling position it has the cam disengaged, with The Big Ring Zipper Pull tab facing down it’s in the locked in position no slipping, so you can custom regulate exactly where you want the zip to stay open-to for additional cooling if required – It’s the little things that make difference.