Cycling Water Bottle


750ml/ 650 and Water Carrying Capacity
Quality Construction – BPA FREE / PPF / F.D.A
Super High-Flow Pull Top Nozzle with 10mm internal diameter!!
Reliable Leak- Free Screw Top with large 54mm opening
Inspiring The Big Ring Graphic with Motivational Mottos
12–Colours/Graphic options
74mm Outside Diameter
750ml – 220mm total height
650ml – 180mm total height

It’s recommended that we hydrate every 10-15min as a cyclist so if you ride regularly that’s a lot of water to go with the  hard earned miles on the bike.

Bottles/Bidons get their fair share of wear tear and should be replaced often as they become worn and dirty .

The Big Ring Bottles are made from F.D.A approved PPF and are BPA Free so they are safe to drink from.

We use a special Hi-Flow Silicon Pull top Nozzle for optimum water flow and leak free sealing when pulled to the stop, the large Hi-Flow Nozzle allows for quick delivery of your favorite sporting beverage so you can quickly get back to riding with your full capability.

The Bottle comes with large 58mm strong screw capfor a solid screw down, so it remains leak free – the large opening makes it easy to add hydration mixes and ice blocks

The outside diameter of the bottle its self is 74mm which is the norm and should work with all the major bottle/bidon cages on the market if they are to the correct clamping pressure.